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History of the Building

Spindler fabrikation
Spindler textile Manufactory

Our house was built in 1910 and served the owner families Kampf and Spindler as a new office building for their growing textile factories in Hilden and the surrounding area.

In 1970, the factories were shut down due to cheap fabric imports from Southeast Asia.

The Römer family acquired the site in 1978.

After the factory halls were tore down, the office building got listed as a historical monument.

Spindler administration building
Hotel construction area

The house was restored and formed to the core of today’s hotel.

On August 8, 1988, the Hotel am Stadtpark opened with a restaurant, 58 rooms, a swimming pool and a sauna area.

In February 1990 the hotel was expanded by 47 guest rooms and 4 conference rooms.

Additional guest rooms extension building

Conference extension building

In the year 2000 a modern conference center with 170 m2 was added. By this expansion a very beautiful inner courtyard has been created, which is used as a terrace and place to relax in summer.