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As a family-run hotel, we feel responsible to operate sustainable

We started implementing these goals early on:

In 2000 a modern conference center with 170 m² was built. As a result a very beautiful inner courtyard has arisen which is used as a terrace and place to relax in summer.

When realizing the new building, great importance was attached to environmentally friendly and resource-saving construction. The thermal insulation clearly exceeds the legal requirements, the air conditioning was carried out with an energy-saving heating and cooling ceiling. The roof is equipped with extensive greening.

In 2004 and 2005, extensive energy-related renovation measures were carried out on the heating and ventilation systems in the main building. In the interests of our guests, the energy and water costs have been reduced by approx. 40% and the CO2 emissions by more than 200 t / a.

In 2006 the hotel was awarded as example by the German Energy Agency as part of the EU Green Building project.

The building is heated / cooled with a combined heat and power plant that generates electricity at the same time. When burning fossil fuels, normally only about 44% of the energy is used. With combined heat and power, we even achieve an energy utilization of fossil energy (environmentally friendly gas) of approx. 90%.

The hotel generates more than half of the electricity it needs itself. In addition to electricity (which is completely used in the hotel), the natural gas-powered industrial engine in the basement also generates heat. It is used to heat the rooms, the swimming pool and to supply hot water.

With these and other measures, we have already been able to achieve many goals in recent years:

  • diminish electrical power, gas and water consumption
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • decrease the amount of waste in the hotel business


Hang the “environmental bag” on the outside of the door and your room will not be cleaned. As a thank you for your contribution to the environment, you will receive a small surprise gift.

Starting 22nd of March 2022 we only use 100% sustainable pouches. https://de.swedex.eu/pouchjet-pro-ii/

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